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About Us

Get to Know Bumblebee Jewelry

We work with fine silver. What is fine silver you ask? Well fine silver is at a higher purity percentage of silver than sterling silver. We will use components of sterling silver like ear wires, chains, clasps, etc.

How is the fine silver jewelry made? The fine silver comes in round wire in different size gauges. We use mandrels to shape the silver which we cut and fuse. After the shape is made with the fine silver it is then hammered and tumbled to harden the silver.

After all that is done the magic of design happens. We use semi-precious & precious stones and wire wrapping to create our designs. It’s a wonderful feeling to create something with our hands that people can wear and enjoy for many years to come.

Questions? Give us a call! 208-784-3448

Bumble Bees

Let’s talk Bumble Bees

Did you know that there are 255 different species of bumble bees?

Who doesn’t love these large, fuzzy insects with short, stubby wings? They are larger than honeybees, but the importance of Bumble Bees is even larger even though they don’t produce as much honey.

They are one of the highest pollinators in the bee group. Their wings beat at 130 times or more per second. The vibration from the wings and their large bodies causes a flower to release pollen, which in the bee world is called that Buzz pollination.

The Bumble Bee is happiest flying from flower to flower gathering pollen to help plants produce fruit. They generally won’t sting you unless their nest is disturbed, which I can understand. I don’t care to have my peace and quiet at home interrupted either.

Many bumble bees are listed as endangered. Which if you do your research this isn’t a good thing at all. Without bees we don’t have plants. This is why I have chosen to name my line Bumblebee Jewelry.

I proudly support the Xerces Society and their work to conserve bumble bees and other invertebrates. They have a great website with all the knowledge you need to know about bumble bees. I would suggest checking them out for learning purposes, memberships, donations, etc. at Another site that is a good idea to check out is Every bit helps and our pollinators really could use all the help that they can get.